Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's like finally 败犬女王 ended, but I so don't wish it is the last ep, cos I don't know when will the next 阮经天 show. Sian, but overall is really a nice and funny show. But I still think 'Fated to Love You' got more climax and nicer. Sweet & Funny ending:))

So, right after 败犬女王 will be 福气又安康. Act by 蓝正龙 & 陈乔恩. Hahah:) Whoohoo! I think shld be quite nice also, can't wait to watch!
I think I got too many taiwan actors that I liked le! Hahah:)
I think Top 3 are 蓝正龙 , 阮经天 , 贺军翔 . Hahah:) I think I'm a bit crazy le. Hahah:)
Anyway, that's all for today.
Got a lot of work to do when back in sch tmr!
gsiang. andilove 偶像剧.
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