Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am scared, so many things I don't know and still have to go for attachment.
I hope everything will goes well tmr!
There is so much things I want to do before my attachment starts, but I can't. Timing is running out for me! SO sad:(
I want to watch Boys over Flowers, Gossip Girl and Yu Le Bai Fen Bai on BOF, and last two episodes on Pi Zi Ying Xiong!!!
I left last than 12hrs before going attachment.
Need to wake up at 6.45am.
Reach workplace at 9am.
I can see my 3months is going be like hell for me.
Not mentioning the work I got to do but the time I need to wake up every morning.
And, I'm so sad right now.
Cos Chris has been sending me BOF ep19 from like 6plus pm till now and it is finally going to be transfered finish and suddenly her msn got dc or what, so....
arghh...Is this fate or what that I can't watch BOF EP19 for tonight?!?!
Maybe it's fate.

Let's prey hard that everything will be alright for everyone tmr!
Wish everyone goodluck for tmr:)

gsiang. andiama showfreak:)

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