Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today is such a good day.

Went sch early in the morning.
& people stop saying I didn't go.
Watch Gossip Girl in class
And Forgetting Sarah Marshall also with Karen & Fify. Hahaha:)
Super funny.
Went to Bugis with Fathin, Chris, Huifen & Yvonne.
Shopped for their 'formal' wear and my shoes.
So finally saw something I liked, my open toes shoes! Hahah.
Then bought a funny headband...
And today received a gift from Karen that she bought at Bankok for me. Nice bracelet, Thanks K.
Current Addiction, Gossip Girl & Boys over Flower.
Lossing a lot of my sleep, thanks to all these shows. Hahaha:)
Bye, people.

gsiang. andilove newshoes!

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