Saturday, June 20, 2009

So another one week since I last blog? Hahah:)
Really busy week.
Today was final mid crit presentation. It was okay for me just need further development. But my model really looks funny! Hahaha:)
So after all the presentation while waiting for other instructions, I went to watch Fu Qi You An Kang. Watched till halfway, went to take crazy photos with the rest of my classmates!!! It's been some time since we last took photos together.

All trying to act like 'Drag Me to Hell' ..... Hahahah:)

After presentation, me, Fify, Elaine and Yvonne went to Orchard to shop!
Hahaha:) Although I was feeling super tired (esp nowww!!), but I still want to go shop cos it is like finally after presentation and my HOLIDAY starts!!! Hahaha:) Fun day shopping! And so many sales around! Today really got the feeling of SPENDING MONEY!!! Whoohoo! Although I don't really have a lot of money. So just bought a nail polish from Skin Food (dark red) and a basic Mango tee. So happened that Mango got sales lo! Shiok but a lot no size le also:( But at least manage to buy one! New shirt agn!
Came home watch Tu Wei Xing Dong, then chat on phone with Singyee, and blogging right now. I don't feel like owing pictures for today so decided to just blog and my eyes are really closing. I ONLY SLEPT FOR HALF AN HOUR LAST NIGHT! Bo bian lo, rush project.... Life is tough!
So gonna slp soon.. Bye:)
gsiang. andilove NailPolish:)

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