Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have been watching shows since Saturday till now.
I am so addicted to shows that I'm lazy to go sch or go anywhere.
Suppose to go sch today but when I wanted to bathe, my brother so bathing, then make me more lazy. So in the end never go sch.
Stayed at home watch Gossip Girl & Boys over Flowers. Continue to watch non-stop!
So crazy. Once start cannot stop!
I guess my whole week will be spending on watching shows which I thought it is a bit wasted. But I think this is my life! I suddenly so hope that I won't have to go attachment, thinking that attachment would be super busy, unable to watch all my show and that's so sad! Hahahah:)


That's all for now and I'm gonna bathe and continue watching tonight.
& ya.. I think I'm gonna buy this shoes.
Something which I have been looking for quite some time.
Which colour shld I buy? I think I wanna get the grey one. But is super sian, cos I got to watch for like 2months before I can get it!

Some suggestions pls?

gsiang. andilove shows:)

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