Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I have not blogged for exactly one week.
I'm really busy over sch work, and got a lot datelines to meet. Now, I'm still busy, but just want to put aside some time for me to blog and have some life. I have not read on friend's blog, facebooking, online shopping, watching show and etc for maybe at least 5days to 1week. I have been living a very sad life la. No life, I only watched, 'Tu Wei Xing Dong' Channel U 10pm show & Boys Over Flowers!!!
And, I seriously I think Ju Jun Biao, which is Lee Min Ho, he is super handsome la. Hahah:)
Somemore he very young only la, 22 yrs old only, can be my boyfriend lo. I thought he like 25 like that. But he did plastic surgery before from what I read online. I think is real la, cos got some photos to see, then the nose really different, but after surgery is really nicer. Hahah:) But before surgery also very handsome le. Hahaha:)
He is going to be my desktop pic le. Hahah:)
But he curly hair not handsome!!! Hahaha.

Handsome right??! He really look a bit like jerry yan la. Hahah:)
Enough of Lee Min Ho..
Now, abt other celebrities.
I was working at TPY during sat and sun.
So, they actually have the charity show held Live over there.
All the celebrities went there to like practice and perform.
On sat, I saw Dai Yang Tian, Joshua, Li Teng, Zheng Ge Ping, Tang Yu Shu, Ou Xuan, Rui En, Quan Yi Feng, Fiona Xie.
Roughly all these people.
Sunday, saw all almost all the same batch of people, but this time still see Luo Zhi Xiang!!!
Hahah:) He is really quite handsome, not very tall but okays la.
Hear him sing Hot Shot LIVE!!! And another song also. Hot Shot when practice I heard twice, actual show heard agn! And he walked pass my working booth then quite near me! Hahahah:) Less than 1m distance bah! Hahaha:) A lot of people are crowding and crazy la!
And I really think Ou Xuan super pretty. She is those very sweet & demure kind of girl. Sure is those guys will like kind. Hahah:)
So, had quite a bit of fun for this time roadshow! Worth it! Hahah:)
Today is give myself a break from work for tonight and spend all the time online, tmr and perhaps other days will try to forcus more on work le bah.
And I actually got some of the photos took long time ago. But busy, so won't be uploading it. Hahha:)
That's all for now. And I'm going to change my blog song to one of the Boys Over Flowers song!!!
So do listen to it! Hahaha:)
gsiang. andilove Lee Min Ho:)

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