Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monday was my last post till now....
From Tuesday to today, I have been busy with FYP and Aircraft.
I'm really like busy, staying up late in sch and stuff to complete my work
So today was the FYP presentation and aircraft meeting as well.
I was the first to present for the FYP presentation, don't know is lucky or what. Hahaha:)
But luckily everything was alright, maybe is bcos don't have those idiotic lecturers around. Today are those better lecturers. So they gave comment and I got to start thinking of my design methodology, which I think is very chim!
Then in the afternoon, went for the aircraft meeting. Some comments from ST people and need to change certain things, but still got to wait for the seat to be ready before I can start on my part. Hahah:)
After sch went to watch 'Drag me to Hell' with Phoebe, Fathin, Huifen, Chris, Ah Ma & Yvonne.
Really a lot of people watch la. When we were buying our tickets, only left with the first row, somemore is separated seats. But whatever, so we just watched, and it is $10, not $6!!! Hahah:)
Me, Chris and Huifen sit together. 3 Scared de people sit together, so funny la! We like cover ears and eyes! Hahaha:) But I still managed to know what the movie is showing, and some parts are really funny & disgusting! Hahaha:)
Went to eat at KFC for dinner like super dinner at abt 10pm!!! Hahaha:) Fattening, but no choice. Then gossip while we eat then 11pm went hm.
Watched Gossip Girl but not so attracted to it yet! Hahaha:) But will continue to watch as long as I have time for it:)
Tmr gonna work 12hrs! From 8am to 8pm! Tmr auntie time agn! But gonna bring some paper there to think of my studio and sketch or write down whatever ideas.
And tmr is Boys over Flowers agn! Whoohoo! :)
Bye:) Gonna slp earlier, bcos tmr got to wake up super early!
gsiang. andilove BoysoverFlower!

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