Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I seriously hate sharing things with people! My younger bro is just making me effing pissed off with him! He used my laptop all day long and demand me to wait for 5min when I told him I want to use it at 11pm!!! I scold him and he still scold back! I always need use lock up my lappy to threaten him... I always so soft-hearted that's why he gets to use my lappy. My elder brother don't even let him touch his computer okays... I'm kind enough to let him use and he is so damn rude to me!
His Punishment!
Tonight he can't use it after I stop using! I'm gonna lock it up just in case he come in my room to steal it! orbi quak!
Today is like a dead office! Sad thing, Jolene quit... She's quite a good colleagues. But she's nt working le.. And today, Louis is sick, Mad went for checkup and left office ard 11plus, then Vonne feeling unwell, got fever then left ard 4plus pm! So in the end only left me and Singyee! Whahaha! Quiet office! Tmr shld be back to normal le bah! Hahaha:) Come on, pls give me more interested clients or big deal client! And those who are interested can they just send in their doc. faster?!! Arghh! Hahahah:) I'm so lazy to follow up but no follow up mean sure can't earn comm.! Hahahah:) GOODLUCK TO ME! Anyone need refinancing, pls call me!
I'm now gonna do some online shopping then slp! Goodnight ppl in advance:)
gsiang. peeling of my Kose mask!

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