Monday, June 28, 2010

Occupied Weekends

I think this is the first time I feel so busy over the weekends! Hahaha:) Going out both days, sat and sun with the same people, chris and yvonne, at the same place, Orchard. Kinda lame, but Singapore really don't have much places to shop!

We went to watch Karate Kid. Wanted to watch the 5.20pm slot but sold out and even the 6.45pm slot also sold out! Wtf right? Then no choice have to watch the 9.30pm slot and we are sitting at the first second row! Crazy or what la... so many ppl are watching the movie, all fullhouse! But after watching, can understand why so many ppl wanna watch! It's a really nice movie! Hahaha:) Funny as well! I'm lucky enough to catch the last train and last bus after the movie end! :)

We didn't buy what we wanted so today went out agn! Hahaha:) Shopped the whole evening till night and I still didn't buy what I want. I need more office clothes, but I still didn't manage to buy any except for one blazer which I don't really need! Hahaha:) But today I'm happy cos I found a nice place at Ion to have nice food.
SHU TEPPAN! :) Recommended by Yvonne. Hahahah:) A bit teppanyaki plus steamboat style. I next time want eat the soup base set, a bit like steamboat one. I today eat like teppanyaki style...not bad also.

These two days I also spent a lot but not really on what I want. I spend 30$ at Watsons ystd. Bought Yvonne recommended mascara, and my loved liese raspberry hair mist and join Watsons member! Spend money on what I don't really need sia. Hahahah! But I love the blazer that I bought today! Whahaha:)

And happy thing is tmr I'm meeting the girls again! Tmr going eat Rui Chun! This time sure got open! Hahahah:) But I'm damn sad... why must I end work so late!!! Can't I end work early?!? Gotta walk to the place alone to meet them! Sian ttm!
Okays, I gotta slp now and get back to my working life tmr:(

gsiang. can working be more fun?

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