Monday, June 07, 2010

Sian, it's Monday.

I have actually just spend ard 1hr to upload the pictures for USS. I need to choose like maybe abt 50-70 images to upload out of 600 images!!! But the images in between nw gt a lot gap and stuff. And I need to go slp soon! So I shall edit the post agn tmr then post it up. Hahahah! Like finally done with uploading.
Today I just rot at home and watch 宫心计 the whole day. I watched from abt 3.30pm to 11pm! Finish watching 9eps but still gt a lot more to go. And gotta wait for my mum and watch tgt. Hahaha! Shiok ttm! I LOVE WATCHING DRAMAS! Time really pass so fast.
Okays.. I'm nw gonna slp! I don't want to feel sleepy tmr! Goodnight!
gsiang. goodluck to me for my sales!

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