Sunday, December 28, 2008

Changed my room's layout again.
Cause my new table has been fixed up. Got to thank my father. Hahah:) Cos turning in the screwa are really tiring and hard. I tried and my hands are getting pain after turning two screws when my dad had to turn the rest, like 23 screws! Hahah:)My room still looks like a rubbish dump at one of the side of the room. A lot of things to be shift away! And I still can't get my full white room yet! Hahah:) Still got a ugly wardrobe to be change SOOOON.....
Today super little ppl, nobody buy clothes from me and I really get super bored! Sales stucked for like 3hrs, until 6pm then got people, so ended up I got no time to eat dinner until Vonne's parents came. Hahah:) And need to thank Vonne's mum for buying me 'Rou Gan'. Hahah:)
My laptop now lack of a lot of programs, can't do a lot of things! Oh man, I need to get it all install real soon. Ystd just install Microsoft Office. Working well.
Tmr got to work, need to slp early and tmr is also the last day of sch holidays. Time passes so fast, yet I did nothing for sch! See my classmates soon! And have a badminton session on Monday! Hahah:)
That's all for today.
gisiang. andilove FishSoup.

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