Friday, December 26, 2008

This week has really been such a fast week for me.
Monday went out with Karen and so fast, tmr is already Friday.
Tuesday was class BBQ. Ton that night till Wednesday morning and it was really tired as we had to wait till 10am to return our bikes. But something just happened which dragged our time and causing me to reach hm ltr.
The Downtown East security cut off our locks for our bikes. Like wth la. We signal to them that the bike is ours and they still cut it off. Somemore without any warnings! We parked it outside Mac, they should at least just go in Mac to check or what?!! So we need to pay extra 10bucks for like nothing cause the locks are spoilt! So damn unhappy and they give super lousy attitude! So.... we complaint, but till nw I'm still not sure how the things are going!
But whatever it is, I left with super little slp, so in the end I'm too tired to go to my cousin's BBQ.
Since it is just another BBQ so I didn't went.
So ystd, Christmas eve, slept till 8pm then met Singyee at 10pm at Junction8 to chat while waiting for the rest of the people.
Wanted to go Lau Pa Sa but in the end all not hungry so in the end still went to Drinking Place! I think ystd was the shortest time we completed one bottle of Chivas. Opened awhile then finished drinking. And Boat Quay is packed with people and sprayed cans! I so damned don't want to get sprayed! Luckily didn't and all pubs were very full! Finished drinking, slacked then cabbed home. Reached home at 3.30am, wake up at 7.45am.
Cabbed to work with Vonne. Thanks Vonne for accompany me work throughout the whole day.
I know you are really tired! Chat a lot during working!
Went to Vonne's hse, cooked Campbell soup, spagetti, make jelly.
So, this yr X'mas we spent while walking to Drinking Place! Hahah:) And a nice ownself cooked de dinner! Hohoho:)
Lastly, Merry Christmas to all! Let's countdown to New Year!
And I shld think of my New Year resolution! Hahah:)
You people shld think too!
Bye people, tmr still got to work early!
gisiang. andilove fun.
*i will upload pictures soon, hopefully*

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