Friday, December 19, 2008

It's really a long time since I last update!
My laptop is still in the hospital, hope that it could come out tmr but hope tmr my mum could collect it for me also. Or else I still got to wait till Monday then can collect. Damn sian without laptop.
Just came back from Malaysia.
Fun trip. Had a lot of nice food which made me put on a few kilograms I guess. Hahah:) But had a lot of fun playing with the small kids as well! So cute! I want to have small kids! Hahah:) Shall upload the photos when I have my laptop.
This few days will be going to work for Vonne's mum. Money coming in! Whoohoo!
Anyway, little notice to my classmates!
If you guys happen to read this post...
Pls let me know if you guys are meeting up to buy food or any latest details on the BBQ. And are you all interested to go Wild Wild Wet before the BBQ? Hahah:) The organiser pls check all this out can? Hahah:) Laptop spoilt, can't go online, difficult to contact you people! Hahah:) Thanks.
gisiang. andilove smallKIDS.

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