Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have finally uploaded all the pictures into my laptop.
All the photos I have in my laptop are those that can be found in my camera, so sad. Hahah:)
A bit lazy to upload those pictures taken the other time during the presentation, so just upload my little niece and nephew photos in Malaysia. Hahah:)

Here are those photos.


SanNi- so called 'gu-ji'


Her cute little chubby face!

YuEn- my so called 'xiao wan zi' , the cartoon

Me with my new cap.
And it's really finally I bought a cap, although is not the best choice, but I think it is the best among the rest, I guess. Hahah:)

Today was quite a long day outside.
Met Karen. Supposingly meeting 2pm at Orchard to 3pm! We are super duper late QUEENS:)
Bought my brother's friends Fossil stuff.
Shopped at Taka, Looked for present, Bought X'mas present
Bought a brown open toes when we happened to walk pass Cotton On, having sales.
Met Chris at FEP.
Bought cap.
Went to Wisma, Met Elaine and her friend for awhile
Met Vonne, Zhiming, Singyee, Went Bugis to shop again.
Have dinner at 9.30pm.
My legs are really tired. It had nv stopped walking since abt 2.30pm till 9.30pm. Finally got to rest now and just now even get it scrubbed! Hahah:)
Tmr going for class BBQ. Whoohoo! But guess I will get sick of it very soon! Hahah:)
See my classmates tmr! SID0702 CLASS GATHERING HUH!!!
*singyee, i also got CLASS GATHERING leh. Hahaha:)*
Bye people.
gisiang. andilovemy newshoes& cap.

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