Monday, December 22, 2008

Work long day, from morning 9am till 6pm. Earn 50bucks.
But thanks Vonne for coming down that makes time pass so fast. Hahah:)
After that met Singyee at Ikea for dinner and had a fun time with just the three of us chatting. Hahah:) Laughing like crazy!
Bought my table, bigger dustbin, and storage boxes from Ikea.
The dinner and the things I bought had already used like half of the amt of money I earned this three days.
Had such a heavy dinner, makes me feeling a little bloated now. Hahah:) Super eater!
Tmr gonna meet Karen, go Orchard buy my brother's friend Fossil stuff. Then at night gonna meet Singyee and Vonne go Bugis. Shop around for awhile bah.
I dropped my dearest ring today in Ikea. Damn sian. Can't find it. It rolled to somewhere else I guess. So weird without my ring. So use to taking off my ring when putting lotion, now don't need le. Nvm, I wait for my future bf to buy me one! Hahahhah:) This might happen......... wait....
That's all.
gisiang. andilovemy BESTIES,singyee&vonne.

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