Monday, December 08, 2008

Life without laptop is really hard for me.
My laptop had already reached a stage of unable to turn it on. Serious problem. I'm gonna get it fix on tues.
So currently using brother's computer.
This few days was really super bored for me.
Went out last night with Vonne and her friends and Singyee to White Bar.
Quite a nice bar as compared to the rest I have gone to. Hahah:) Nice ambience.
Left super early at abt 1plus am. Then me and Singyee just went our own ways, walking to Esplanade to have supper. Wanted to take NR home but there's some marathon thing, so there was no NR at esplanade that side. So.... we walked all the way back to Clark Quey to take NR. Bused stop not really near my hse, so got to walk home. Saw one person climbing into a hse in the middle of the night, a bit scary... Continue walking, reached home abt 4.30am. Sleep.
Went with my mum to Ikea at Tampines today.
Bought a cardboard with 3drawers, act as a dressing table & a super big square 70x70cm mirror. Hahah:) And also a cheap clock. And all are in white colour! whooo!!! Haven got all the things fixed up in my room yet. Need sometime yeah.
That's all. Watching show right now. Gonna get back to my show &
tmr going to Chris's hse to use her laptop! Thanks! Got to trouble all my friends!
gisiang. andilove white.

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