Sunday, July 20, 2008

it has been quite awhile since i blog. now can upload photos. so upload some pics le. hahah:) that day( also dunno which day) went to site. haha:) went to raffles hotel take photos. went to the toilet. is super nice and fragrance! hahah:) den all the tap and stuff are gold in colour! haha:) nice nice!

girls just like to take pictures in the toilet??!!
that day singyee gave me this hello kitty pocky! haha:) is nicer than the normal pocky! got more strawberry taste! haha:) thanksingyee.
this is the 'JI CUN XI' wear geek specs de. hahah:) cute sia. haha:)

okays. that's all. watching kiss 2 right now. and finally used the blackhead sticker. but like not alot blackhead get stick up leh. hahha:)
ohya. and today my hand got 2 small scars. cos get scratch during work. sucks. hand getting rougher and rougher. hahah:) more LOTION!!!
money in bank pls.... getting stuff for myself as long as money is in.
gna get busy with my studio!!! hope can faster get over with it.
that's it for now. watch show!
gisiang. andiloveICECREAM.

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