Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i have not blog for one week. haha:) i'm seriously damn busy with working and my sch work. i got very very little sleep. the most tired week i ever had. imagine that i'm so busy that i did not watch any tv prog since last thurs till today den watch., which sounds so impossible on me! hahah:) plus, i did not watch fated to love you on sunday! i watch TODAY, JUST NOW!!! so incredible. hahah:) shows dun want to mention wad isit abt. JUST TOO NICE!
past few day celebrate elaine birthday, you people shld know what happen, so lazy to type it out. those who don't know will update you people someday. pictures taken, but not alot. still got some pics with the rest of the people. let's see.... all pics not in order.

this are the pictures we taken today in class...

pocky CRAZE!

CRAYON SHINCHAN biscuit! thanks ah ma for helping me buy!
pictures taken during elaine birthday celebration!

birthday girl!

thats all. im lazy to type. im tired agn.
gisiang. andilovetosleep.

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