Wednesday, July 09, 2008

i was tidying up my lappy stuff. all the pictures, recieved file and music... an i just saw this two pictures which i had taken last thurs at abt 5am. hahah:) i was doing that stupid model till so late and everything is in a mess. hahah:) so just took picture of it. I WAS BORED .

okays, it is a UGLY MODEL. perhaps it's cos of my work and like time is so tight, making me feel so tired last week. haha:)
today i nv go to sch. very happy. cos can slp till afternoon which i wanted and which i used to do in the past. but now work den everytime cant slp till noon time. hahah:) sleep till noon den still can eat mother cook de udon. hahah:) den eat lunch and watch tv till 3pm. den i did a little bit of work den sleep at 4.30 to 6.45pm agn! haha:) wake up had dinner, slack, watch tv, did research for studio, mo jiao pi, den slack till now. haha:) i gonna go and see spree ltr till i go slp bah. haha:) that's all for today and tmr gonna be another long day!
gisiang. andilovetobeHAPPY:)

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