Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i'm tired. and brain cells are all dead. but i still wanna say some things out! haah:)
when i was working on sat, i said something damn funny! hahah:)
i wanted to say, can i have the receipt? cos i was doing the hotdog area. den i said wrongly, i said, CAN I HAVE THE HOTDOG!!!! and is so damn funny and paiseh. sommor the customer is a MAN okays! hahah:) so dots la.
today i went to work, den i brought my big paper bag with my stupid model in it. i got no place in my locker to put the model, so i just hang it outside my locker. den dunno whoever that IDIOTIC person is, she took away my paper bag la! sommor still throw away my model. den cos jenny ask me to check the dustbin, den i really saw my model in the dustbin, luckily i took photos of it already! why would some people be so DESPRATE for a paper bag? and so bad to throw my model in the dustbin! sad sia. that is one of the most frequent paper bag i used!
THRDLY, nothing much.
shit 2times in a go after i reach hm. i think i ate something wrong? haha:) i'm not sure.
that's all for the day. and i'm going to slp.
gisiang. andilovemypaperbag.

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