Thursday, July 31, 2008

i just reach hm and just finish bathing!
this morning wake up late den didnt bathe jiu go out. so can't stand my hair! it's like so oily. first time feel so happy to bathe. hahah:)
it's a long day today. gonna just say somethings.
we went with chris to chinatown at night for her studio. den ate dinner at abt 9.30pm, which is super late. den me and yvonne decided to cab home. waited for cab for like 45min den finally get a cab. den i tell the uncle go bishan den when he reach my hse there, den i tell him go yishun den he like shocked. den his fcuking attitude la. like WTH. he say he rushing for time. den say we nv tell him earlier. even if nv tell him is our fault, den he also no need say till like that mah. that ATTITUDE JUST SUCKS! at least you say nicely, we can understand den nvm la. what kind of fcuking attitude is that??!! sucks.
just rmb something, i'm just super unlucky! my black and white slippers de "mouth" open le! den damn sad la. den when spoilt that time also haven went to site yet. den bo bian, got to buy a new slipper. went to mphosis to get a new slipper. i consider so long which one to buy, den in the end, the one i wanted dun have my size. den buy the other one. haha:) spent another $17.30 for the slipper. hahah:)
and lastly, bought sujun CHOCOLATES for her birthday, hope she like and will enjoy the chocolates! hahah:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SUJUN! STAY HAPPY ALWAYS:)
gisiang. andilovePERISCOPE.
gna do my modelssss now...

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