Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a trip to MUSEUM!

a trip down to SAM! haha:) is a waste of money! go there just see all those painting and i think i dun even know how to appriciate them!! hahah:) and just wasted $4. haha. but is all cos' of the report. or else i won go there liao. hahaha. so after that went to raffles city and grab a bite at Burger King. den me, phoebe, ah ma, su jun and christina decided to go to kallang leisure park! hahah. we walk frm kallang MRT and is like damn damn far...... so we finally reach and in between the ah ma and christina keep on takes pics.... aiyoyoo...
walking towards leisure park..
so here's the new leisure park. PRETTY!

all the entertainment stuff are like so expensive! k-box,bowling,ice-skating... all more expensive than other places. hahaha:) so in the end we go arcade play daytona... hahah. so diao. i long long time nv play liao. hahah. den we play 2times still same position. hahah. me get 2nd. hahah. phoebe always last min cut me den get first. hahaha. no choice.. her 'zi gong' good!!! hahaha.
me playing daytona. play till 'walk fire in demon' haha.
den we become auntie go see cheap stuff den i bought a 3$ gold slippers, same as ah ma. hahaha:) den we took a bus to bedok MRT. is a long long trip but have a nice time chatting with them. hahah. on the way, when we were in the bus, phoebe saw the 'hua zhe' (flower car . dots) .
den i took out my camera, zoom zoom, so take a few pics. haha.
waiting for bus..


so came hm and rest.

gisiang. andilovemynewGOLDslippers

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