Tuesday, December 04, 2007

foolish ME !

HII ! i want to tell you ppl who are in my msn, if there's anything abt who blocked you or i send you a link in msn, pls do not click it ! its VIRUS ! and stupid me kana cheated and got this virus! hahha!
anyways, it has really been a long time since i last post. hahah ! i have been in a craze in online shopping spree! hahah. emailing blogger asking stuffs and ordering bags.... hahah! now finally blog liao. cos karen has been asking me to blog ! she is like a auntie ! hahah . she same as peizhen liao . ah ma !!! hahahah ! anyways, here are some pics taken the past few days ! haha . but its in a rather messy order! hahah! kaekae. im going to add those blogger with sprees de in my blog! so ppl who are interested can go see. it's really cheap to buy things online! hahah . kaeake. there's still loads of things waiting for me to do. so shall update soon !
busy with kiosk*
gisiang. andihateVIRUS!

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