Wednesday, December 05, 2007


today is a real short day. shouldn't have go to school. actually when i woke up i dun feel like going to school but cause need to do the kiosk model and since i'm the DIMENSION queen !!! hahaha. so i just go. den in the end nv do any thing and went for a useless talk. the person is a ANG MO LANG !! so i cant understand anything. hahaha! wasted my sleeping time. hahah. so meet singyee after school and pei her go j8 eat lunch. but i had a nice lunch today. because is homecook UDON!!! hahaha. udon is my favourite! hahhah. yipppy !
i found job for my 2weeks holiday liao ! hahah . yeah ! thanks to vonne! i'm working for her mother frm 16 to 22dec. working frm 7 to 2pm. one day 40$ . hahahha. got money again! i'm back to bai di tan !!! hahah. i liked this job!
and i'm back to my ah wang show again. i tink i nv watch for a few weeks ler . hahah .
anyways, that's all for now. i'm going to watch ah wang ler. bye!!!
gisiang. andilovemyJOB!

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