Monday, December 24, 2007

meetups again!

sian yet happy. hahah:) sort of confuse. 'da yi ma' come is the reason for sian. but meeting up with my best childhood friend, alison, is the happy thing. although she's my neighbour but as we get older, we seldom meet up liao. hahaha. she is not just my neighbour, my good friend but she is also my genting mate! hahaha. we used to go genting together but now because i get into this stupid design course and my time and her time always cannot meet den can't go genting together for abt 2yrs ler. but definitely, we will go together agn but dunno when la. hahhah. i went to paragon to find her den we went to newton to eat. anyways, THANKS for the belated birthday dinner and also the CHRISTMAS present. hahaha. i appreciate it. hahaha. we should meet up more often. hahha. really had a good chat and even talk abt the things we played when we were young. when i now think of it, it is really funny. hahha:) okays, so that's all abt me and her. misses our childhood time .
today i almost die leh ! hahha:) i almost got bang down by a motorist. OMG!!! i was so stunned and shock. the bike is like so near me that once i stretched out my hand, i can touched the bike liao. and sommor i think the wheel is like 1more sec, it can hit my leg ler. so overall, IT IS A SCARY EXPERIENCE. so ppl, look carefully before you cross the road.
kaekae, i got to go. my brother want to use the lappy ler. shall update tmr or some other days agn.
*MERRY CHRISTMAS 2007!* get squeezy.
gisiang. andilove CHRISTMAS.

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