Monday, December 17, 2007


its finally holidays and i have been waiting for very long. hahha.

anyways, think i also a few days nv blog liao bah. hahah.

friday is the last day of school and is also our exchange of christmas present day and also SID0702 BBQ day! hahah:) so that day is really fun! hahha.

opresents of the day!

so in the end, maria got the present i buy and i got the loakers biscuit which is from fathin. hahah:) is exciting to exchange presents! hahah. so after school, we have bbq at pasir ris park. hahah. so i stay overnight. it was really a cold cold night. haha. i was rather uncomfortable that night. cos its the first time i went for a so many ppl bbq. hahah. but when ppl get lesser den i think is okays. hahah. but fun chatting with kaser and fify that night. we chatted the whole night. hahah:)

our class photo! SID0702 ROCKS!!!!

the red and the black. hahaha. pz and me

waiting for sunrise ! OMG! IS CANNOT BE SEE FROM THIS PLACE DE!

so after that we went hm. i'm so lucky! if i 2more mins den get onto a cab, den i need to pay extra 2$ leh! hahah. makes alot of diff. hahah. but lucky i get onto a cab at 6.58am! haha. so went hm to slp.

anyways, so ystd and sat, i slack at hm the whole day watching tv. hahah. ystd whole day watching fei tian xi shi online. i'm left with the last 3ep! is getting exciting!

den today, i wake up earli in the morning and watch dou nui yao bu yao! haha:) is another really very very nice show! haha. den went to bugis today. bought a shirt from hypnosis. actually want to buy another design de but dun have my size. haha. sian sia. think shld really go slim down loh. haha. acually can buy 2 for 20$ de. den in the end no size den buy another design. 1 for 20$ leh! haha:) kaekae. so reach hm den finally blog. haha. that's all.


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