Saturday, December 22, 2007


suddenly got the kind of feel like saying out some feelings.
think that sometimes we are being forced or maybe it is a natural and kind of ' tian jing di yi' de things. study to me is like a 'tian jing di yi ' kind of thing. i know that i need to face it and spent time on it for like 10plus or 20plus of yrs on it. so i won't avoid it. since i know i need to study den i will just do it. i think ppl need to make plans. think ahead. don't just carry on ur life without any plans. for me, at least i know that i need to carry on studying for 3yrs in poly and if can , the best is to go uni and further study on achitecture but if can't den i must find a stable job and start working and earn money! think think think.. think and plan before you do anything.
now, i think want to talk something abt love. i think love is like a very natural thing. happen naturally and goes on naturally. if i love someone, i will definitely just love him wholeheartedly. ppl should try to appreciate and treasure love. dun play around liao. to me, i think true love does exist and i want to have a 'tian zhang de jiu' rather than a 'chen jing yong you' kind of relationship. if is cheng jing yong you, den end liao sure sad and think of the person de mah, den sad, so whats the point? but some like den like, why must ppl let fate decide? just like wad singyee say, if you want to let fate decide den dun get sad over it. i believe that if you are really fated to be with this person, no need to take initiative or anything, there will be something to pull the two of them to be together. so maybe when one relationship ends, dun get too sad over it. is just means that the guy or girl is not meant for you. love is also not abt taking of advantage of one another. i think that more and more ppl take love for granted, maybe take one is not even love. it is like a game for them. luckily,i'm not like that. but hearing so many love stories from friends, i'm sians liao. but for now is like have jiu have, dun have jiu dun have loh. no big deal bah. hahaha:)
anyways, peepos.. take care. and have a good rest.
gisiang. andilovetheUNKNOWN.

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