Thursday, December 06, 2007

feeling really DOWN.

a down down day ! I'M REALLY TIRED! okays. feeling tired cannot be blame cos' ystd i slp very late just to watch ah wang. but is like today is really a long long day for me. whole day from 9am to 7pm doing the kiosk. and really not feeling good now. moody time! today keep on redo the cashier thing and is also not done nicely and properly in the end. and we really had a long long time to decide on the things like shelvings. and things just cant work too. hais. um, all the things were not said properly and when things have been changed, we also nv clarified den everyone is like blur. i just hope this kiosk thing can really end faster. but hoping we can get some money for our efforts put in. but even if this project has end, i still need to do the project studio ppt. more sians... and still need to present in front of the other class. more sians x2 ... but forget it. i think just get done with it and get over with it and i can go for my 2weeks break. and have a good rest. something which i'm really looking forward to is the class bbq bah. think it's gonna be fun.
anyways, stupid school table! make me injured my leg. now at the knee got blue-black. hahaha:)
feel like watching fei tian later but also feel like slping early cos' tmr need to go school early which i really hated !!!
gisiang. andihateWAKING UP EARLY:(

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