Thursday, December 13, 2007


I finally left with one show!!! haha :) from 4 shows to one show. I have just watch finish hei tang ma qi duo! haha. on monday, gong zhu xiao mei has also ended. hahah! so i'm now just left with dou nui yao bu yao! seriously, i think dou nui is really a very nice show! haha. hei tang ma qi duo has a very good ending. i love the ending. but i think i get what rayne means. she don't like the ending..... and i also don't really like. such A RANDOM ENDING! i expect something more than that. haha:) holidays are coming soon. counting down...2more days! hahah. tmr i'm having a short presentation infront of both SID! hope i won't have any embarassing things happening.. haha:) tmr going to bugis with karen to buy christmas present for the class. and some ppl got to go and buy the bbq food! yes! i'm looking forward to FRIDAY!
gisiang.andilove HOLIDAYS

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