Thursday, December 01, 2011


I just watched an episode of Taboo.
My cousin posted this video & didn't thought I will be watching the whole of it. 
A good forty-five minutes video.
I wanted to share it on Facebook but just felt I had too much to say to be written on FB.

Have you ever thought of getting breast implants even it means losing your life?
Have you ever thought of breaking your bones (legs) just to grow a inch to two taller?
Have you ever thought of changing your gender even though you had to grind away your bones?
Have you ever thought of slimming down and losing all your energy to carry even the lightest stuff?

Watch the video below & see these people getting crazy over their appearance!

I will never want my boobs to be that huge that I can't see my toes because there's no difference from a fatty!
5'6"(abt 160cm) is never too short, in fact that is my ideal height! Bedridden for 4 months just for that 1inch growth, NO WAY! & we are talking about $26,000 not $26 over here!
Grinding away your bones? Crazy! Even if you had a change physically but deep down you are still born as a male!
And I truly respect the anorexic lady. She used her last bit of her life to stop people from being anorexic! She's just 29 when she died, isn't it such a pity?

Appearance is important but I believe it is not E V E R Y T H I N G.
There is always Inner Beauty which is much more important than Appearance.

g s i a n g 
great that i'm living a life like now.

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