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Yinghui 21st

1 0 t h  D E C E M B E R  2 0 1 1
Yinghui 21st Birthday Celebration

Yinghui didn't want a big celebration
Vonne, Yongquan, Singyee, Weekiat, Jiaqi, Yinghui and of cos MYSELF, met up for a simple dinner followed by some activities.

Initially wanted to had dinner at Ippudo but sadly they don't take reservations, so we changed to Antoinette @ Mandarin Gallery which DOESN'T take reservations as well but as least we can have both main courses and desserts there!
We waited for an hour when there are only about 3 groups of people in front of us. That is because the place is really small and their furnitures are so huge and are taking up too much space.
Anyway, here we go! ...

See how big the chairs are! Really comfortable thou...
And very nice environment too! :)

Vonne, Yongquan, Jiaqi and myself went into the place first as there are 4 empty seats.
The rest waited outside till another table of people left...

The two of them were bickering about small random stuff... Zzz...!

Finally Singyee, Weekiat and Yinghui joined us!!! :)
We can start ordering food! 

According to Singyee and Weekiat, the one at Lavender is better in terms of environment.
And, Lavender outlet takes reservations! However, the reservation for that Saturday was full so stick to Mandarin Gallery outlet.

Birthday Girl , Yinghui! 

Savoury Crepe, shared between Vonne & Yongquan.

Can't remember the name of the pasta but it was quite alright...

My Carbonara. I should have ordered Risotto... :(
I didn't know the pasta is not Spaghetti or Linguine but some weird pasta...
We guessed it was potato but ......
Anyway, first taste it was nice but a few more pieces, you will feel very 'jerlat'.

Another special pasta... more like lasagna. 

Seafood Aglio Olio, a safe choice.

Salted Caramel Macaroons, not awesome. 
The macaroon is too hard but the filling is not bad thou.

Peach Crepe! Yummy! :)

Caramel Crepe! Yummy :)

My verdict: Go have desserts at Antoinette but probably not main courses.
The main courses are definitely not cheap, ranging from at least $20 and above.
The pasta are just too ordinary. There are definitely better ones out there!
The crepes we had cost around $16 each, not cheap as well but at least it's yummy!
Total bill came up to $196...
. . . . .

Arrived at Yishun Safra's Bowling Centre!

Started off with Weekiat!

Then Singyee...

Then Jiaqi ...

Finally ME!!!
Professionally choosing a ball.... Hahahaha :)

Shoot!!! .... GO GO GO!

Victory!!! Ok la... I hit 9! Haha :)

In between the games all of us took photos with birthday girl! :)

Half Game! Singyee, Weekiat and Yongquan (anw score not seen) are leading..
Vonne and I trying hard to catch up...

Singyee & Weekiat!

Vonne & Yongquan!

SO..... Winner is......
for the first round..

After the first round of game, we gave the birthday present to Yinghui!
Hope she likes the watch! 
Singyee & I are kinda tempted to get that for ourselves too! Hahaha :)

Let's just fast forward to the Winner Of The Day! ....
YONGQUAN! still him... Zzz!
Prize is: He doesn't have to pay for these 2 games! Hahaha :)
Below are some of our scores...

We moved to the pub at Yishun Safra for cutting birthday cake!

Vonne helping out to cut the cake! :)

Vonne and I went to get the paper plates and forks and we came back seeing the below!!!

Totally shocked!
We were saying just get a cocktail or something each but Yongquan ended up ordering that!
In the end.... PUKE! for my FIRST time!!!
That will be the first and last time!

Anyway, I hope Yinghui had a good time and love the present!

g s i a n g , c r a z y n i g h t

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