Sunday, December 04, 2011

Yvonne's 21st

First time stepping into NAUMI HOTEL, got to thank Yvonne for her 21st birthday party invitation.
She spent a lot of effort for birthday. Know why?
Who will still use "snail" mail to send out invitation cards? Everyone will just create a Facebook event and that's it. BUT she actually handmade the invitation card and sent it to our home.
This also make all of us curious where is her party location. *Act mysterious*

. . . . .

Naumi Hotel is really pretty. 

Lobby Area. Waiting for Yvonne to bring us up...

Goodie Bags for ALL! :)

All the home cooked food, YUMMY-LICIOUS! 

Love Fruit Tarts!

Yvonne's favourite Baby Javier!

fify . me . rayne . karen

Time to E A T !

Rayne's depressed face when she saw her weight on the weighing machine!
Hahahaha :)

Very soon after having our dinner, we went up to the rooftop where the swimming pool is!
And all of us went.... "WOW!!!" Hahaha!

We went back to the room to play the games Yvonne prepared!
Musical Chairs & Charades ...
Anyway, I won for Musical Chairs! Hahaha! :) Totally unglam when I played games! 

Yvonne also prepared Lucky Draw for us! 
I'm never lucky, never win anything for this.

Ah Ma won the 2nd or 3rd prize.. Can't remember.

Chris's shocked face when she had the first prize!
BUT.... I rather get the 2nd or 3rd prize... because the prize is something most of us won't use!
It's a tag typer? tag printer? I don't know what do you call that as. It's just a machine for you to type your name or wordings and print it out as a sticker.

Ah Ma's prize! 
Very kind of her to share it with all of us!!! Whoohoo! 

Time for the C A K E !
I did not mentioned her birthday theme but if you see the cake and our dressing, you should be able to tell! 
BLUE with a hint of YELLOW! :)

Fify had to leave after cutting cake...

Present Time !
Coincidentally Yvonne's friends and us got the same present for her.
Just that we bought additional foot scrub, mask and lotion for her!

We told her to open the lock if not she can't have her present & see what she did below....

From THIS.... to.....

THIS!!! The key broke into half! Hahaha :) POWERFUL YVONNE!

 She finally opened the present...

Leaving a birthday message for my FA mate! :)


Ending the party at around 11pm because Yvonne chased us out! :( 

The rest went back home, leaving Fennie, Rayne and Me...
We decided to go for a drink and chill at Le Baroque @Chijmes.
We had the yummiest calamari over there!
Ending this post with a picture of it! 

g i s i a n g 

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