Saturday, November 26, 2011

Car Wash Day, A Day To Remember

Just a quick update on how I spent my Friday night.
It was a really great night spending with Singyee, Yinghui, Jiaqi, Vonne & Yongquan.
Thanks Singyee for suggesting & bringing us to Lavender Food Square/Court for dinner.
We had yummy Frog Leg Porridge, Lala & 菜谱蛋 "cai pu dan"!
The Lala was not worth mentioning BUT the 菜谱蛋 ........ OMG DELICIOUS!
It wasn't like normal one whole piece of fried egg. It was more like scrambled egg and topped with garlic! I never really like garlic but it was so crispy and tiny that I just ate it without even bother picking it out!
Frog Leg Porridge is super yummy too & I totally loved the sauce!

OH . . . 
Anyway it was such a coincidence that I bumped into Yvonne over there! OMG! I can never imagine seeing her there. Lavender Food Square is not like town where everyone will go... But I just so happen to see her there! Really my FA mate... Hahaha :)

Vonne & Yq left for a party after dinner, leaving four of us & we decided to have dessert at Salted Caramel, Thomson.
What's Salted Caramel without Salted Caramel ice cream???
Sadly, salted caramel ice cream was sold out, baileys as well... :(
I had peanut butter & strawberry flavours instead. I liked the peanut butter. It was thick and creamy. But I don't really like the strawberry, tasted kinda 'bland'...
Their brownie was soft, very good too!
Got to thank Jon who dropped by & treated ALL of us to ice cream! Whoohoo! :)

After all foodies, time to burn off some calories so we did a CAR WASH for Singyee's car!!!
MY   F I R S T   CAR WASH!!!
It was quite interesting & not that bored with friends doing it together.
We were jokingly saying every 25th Nov will be a Car Wash Day, so let's see who will remember!
That is also one of the reason why I'm blogging today, just so if I happen to forget the Car Wash Day, at least there is somewhere I can 'refer' to.
I hope I'll remember this day thou.

So that's really about it. I will really want to go back Lavender Food Square for the yummy egg. And if I happen to be back there, I must take a picture of it to share on my blog!
Ok, goodnight people & I'm gonna continue with my Forensic Heroes III - 法證先鋒III.

g s i a n g .
be together with the happier people, you will be happier too...

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