Saturday, December 31, 2011

Post X'mas 2011

This is gonna be the second last post for 2011.
In fact, it can be the last one, but I just want to separate this post with another post about 2011.

I had a lonely Christmas Eve this year. Staying at home watching 6 hrs of dramas. What to do? Friends not in Singapore, friends celebrated with their boyfriend.... NO more lonely eve please.
Christmas Day itself, I went out with Yinghui & Vonne for a dinner at Soup Restaurant, AMK, followed by desserts at Anderson's Ice Cream. Laughed and joked around a little & headed home.

Post Christmas? This is what I'm going to share! Something better than staying home, going just AMK for dinner...

26 december 2011

I met up with Huifen to catch Alvin & The Chipmunks 3!
A happy and funny movie! I love Theodore, extremely cuteeee!

After movie, we went to H&M to check out the dress I wanted.
Sadly, it's just fated not to be mine because the size I wanted ran out.
It's okay, there is always something else I can get! Soooo... I got myself a bag!
My second bag from H&M! LOVE IT! :)
There were some sales going on for H&M and saw this cute jacket below!
So lovely please! I just couldn't think of where I can wear it to other than Genting based on my financial status now.
If I'm going Korea, I will definitely want to get this! It's just $50, not too expensive! Wait till I go Korea............ when?!?!

Okay, anyway so after H&M, I suggested a dinning place.
A place that I always wanted to try out. 
IPPUDO @ Mandarin Gallery

We reached at around 6.20 pm, but we only managed to get a seat near to 7.15 pm.
I think we reached quite early but the queue had already started. 
Ippudo don't take any reservations as well, so be prepared to queue at least 45 min during dinner time!
All we could do while waiting is to take pictures...

n a m e c a r d

m e n u

Karaka-men (spicy ramen)  $17
The noodles were soft & nice. Soup was alright.
There are different kind of soup base so probably will give it a try next time.
The other kind of soup base might be more impressive! :)
Comparing this to Tampopo, I will still prefer Tampopo- my all time favourite place for ramen.

Crispy Chicken Fuujin or Raijin  $12
I'm not sure if this is the correct name but seeing the online menu, this is the closest.
It has a star or some "recommended" icon on the menu.
This is a MUST TRY.
The skin is crispy and the chicken is so tender!!!
Between the lettuce and chicken is some yummy mayonnaise and drizzled with some sweet sauce on top! 
Be warned, the serving is really small. It's just half or 3/4 of Shilin XXL chicken & it cost $12!
Doesn't come with any rice. It's an ala-carte.

Ippudo Rice Ball  $4
Minced chicken and mushroom were rolled in together with the rice forming the rice ball!
I love the chewy rice! Yummy :)

Mini Cream Puff  $5
Not the soft and fluffy kind that I like.
The skin is harder, the cream is not those that will be oozing out....

Ippudo is a nice Japanese restaurant serving very nice food but expensive.
Probably I should put it in this way...
The prices on menu doesn't seems expensive ($10~$20) but the serving is small for ala-carte so you might need to order a few more dishes to fill your stomach and thus the expensive bill!

No matter what, Ippudo will still be added to one of my favourite dinning places in Orchard.


g s i a n g . j a p f o o d

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