Saturday, December 31, 2011


Every year just fly pass so quickly...
What have you accomplished for this year?

For me, biggest accomplishment will be getting a full time employee position in Symantec.
Since graduation, I have not been working long in any company. Symantec is the third company and I'm happy that I did it on my own. First job, last April, worked in DP Group through Chris. Second job, last June, worked in Ready Mortgage through Vonne & Singyee. After quitting from Ready Mortage, I started finding jobs online, going interviews alone & finally got a contract position in Symantec. After working as a contract staff for 8 months, I found a chance to hop over to another team for a full time position. It's good, really good & happy. I have lovely team mates, Michelle, Jiahui, Lynette & Ken in Singapore with me! :)
Having a secure job meaning financial stability in some way... which is good for me.

Most happening & memorable day in 2011
It will be none other than the eight days in Taiwan!
Best Days! Missing every moments of it...
I have been wanting to go Taiwan but I didn't really see myself going this year because I really don't have much savings... And after the trip makes me really poor but totally worth it! :)

Major decision in 2011
Signed up for Prudential savings cum insurance plan.
It is not just going to be a decision impacting my life in 2011 but also for  probably the next 10years? Hopefully.
I know I couldn't save, so I just have to force myself to save!

This year got to be the year I had attended MOST 21ST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS!
Starting from Jiaqi (July), my own 21st (Aug), Vonne, Singyee, Yvonne (Oct), Fennie (Nov), Yinghui (Dec).

I'm Twenty-One now. I'm a grown up.
I need to come up with some plans for 2012. Many things in mind that I wanna accomplish for the next year but money has always been an issue. I'll share my New Year Resolution 2012 on this space in a few days time.

Today, 31st Dec 2011, I'm gonna spend it AWESOME! Going to meet up besties & their bfs for a steamboat session & X'mas gift exchange!
Everyone should spend it happily be it with your friend, family or your love ones!

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  E V E  !

marking an end to 2011, goodbye 2011 .

g i s i a n g

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