Sunday, January 08, 2012


F I R S T  P O S T  O F  2 0 1 2

The first week of 2012 had gone passed.
Nothing special, nothing new.
Everything still seems pretty normal like 2011.
But, I wish to do something to make it a special year, 2012.

Time to set some resolutions.

Learn Korean language!
I've been watching so much Korean dramas and Running Man that makes me feel like picking Korean so that I can understand and even pick in their language.

Go Korea!
If Resolution 1 is successful, then it will be useful over here! That's the whole point of learning it! I wanna see snow. I wanna ice ski! I have never been to a super cold country before and hopefully this year will be the one! :)

Get a car license!
I'm 21 and going 22 this year. It is about time to get a license even though my family don't owns a car. Hopefully March or April can start taking BTT.

Put on braces!
I went for consultation but somehow the feeling of having braces is not as strong now. However, it has always been on my mind. 80% determined! I just need to go for a regular dental check up, prepare the money and I'm all ready to go! But, I'm still very afraid of the pain, plucking of my two teeth....

Find myself a boyfriend - Does this even count as a resolution?? Haha :)
I haven't been wishing to have boyfriend for the past few years, at least for 4 years. Now, I feel that it's time to have one, but then again, even if I want, doesn't mean that I will have one right?! So, wish me goodluck! :)

The above five are the ones that I WISH to achieve by this year!
They are definitely more realistic than "Sliming down"this kind of resolution which I can never achieve! Hahaha :) But I'll still TRY slimming down thou.
Studying, getting a degree is another thing that I've been wanting to achieve. It might be too hard to do it this year. I'm not ready for it and still very lost of what I really like or love enjoy doing.
I got no preference to my current job. No hates or dislike. No love or passion for it too. I got to find out what I really like before going into study!

Okay, enough said.

I wish everyone had a good start for 2012. I had a good start anyway! Spending my last day of 2011 and first few hours of 2012 with Besties and their boyfriends. The remaining hours on 1st Jan with Girlfriends. Awesome friends! Will try to upload photos here if I can.
Anyway, I have FINALLY received my new laptop for work. At least I can work faster and no more blue screens for me! Good start for the year!
Wishing everyone happy and healthy for the rest of 2012!!!

Goodnight :)

g s i a n g , n e w y r : 2 0 1 2

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