Thursday, October 08, 2009

Today went to celebrate Vonne's 19th bday! Hahahah:)
Late for our meeting agn, really sorry.
Catched 'Funny People' , 1.40pm movie and we just reached Cineleisure like 1.45pm?!?! Hahahah:) Late for movie. But the movie was kind of's a 2hr plus movie okay.... can imagine how draggy it is. And not that funny actually. Hahahah:)
So movie end like 4plus.
Grab something to eat, bought Famous Amos cookie! Super nice la... so long nv eat le! Shuang:)
Cabbed to YCK outlet Sakura! BUFFET !!! Hahahah:) Shiok!
I ate like really a lot of prawns! Drank soup..... Ate 1& 1/2 sushi.... A lot of lamp chop.... Veggie... Mushroom... Lobster.... Desserts!
If it is Kuishinbo, then definitely go kill all the CRABS & CHOC. ECLAIRS.... And I'm missing it now.... And desserts.... I got to say that Kuishinbo also wins!!! Just the eclairs can beat all the desserts at Sakura! Kuishinbo also got more choice of sushi but that's bcos it is Jap buffet.. Sakura is international buffet! But Sakura also not bad!!! At least the prawns make me happy! Hahahaha:) I will still go back Sakura! Kuishinbo is just too exp:(
Anyway, took some photos... But use hp take de.. upload tmr if I have the time... Damn sian... Camera rotting at hm for months!
I hope today Vonne spend a happy day! Simplest bday ever.....Hahahah:) Hope she likes the gifts as well!
Tmr need to work! Gonna slp!
gsiang. iwant savemoremoney!!!

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