Saturday, October 17, 2009

This week is my last week of holidays and yet I'm working 3full days, but luckily it's all over and money is all in! Whoohoo!
I worked 2days at Fajar at Bukit Panjang there! Luckily got Singyee work with me. Or else I think I rotting there for the second day work there liao. And the journey is super long, is so out of my place. Is just like stepping to another country!Hahah! Luckily there is free trips hm for me! Don't need take public transport! Enjoy these few days working with Singyee also! Hahahaha:)
And, today heng ah... Work TPY. Nearer and start work at a later time also.
Tmr going out! Finally don't need work but menses is here to torture me for tmr! Damn it! And pls don't flood me! I wanna enjoy my last 2days of holidays! Whoo!
I am going to complete watching Tang Xin Feng Bao2 before school reopens! That's my mission for this 2days!
Ytsd also watched finish Xing Guang Da Dao5 with my elder bro. Hahahaha:) Watched until 1.30am... so tired le.. then suddenly my bro friend show him a video. Then my bro ask me watched also. In the end is on Ris Low but is PhuaChuKang version! Damn funny! If you guys haven't watch it. Pls go watched at
That's all for the day for my recent updates. Now gonna train a song which I'm currently loving it. Bye, people.
gsiang. 徐佳瑩 - 失落沙洲, addicted song.

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