Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just finished watching Purple Rose.
The ending is OMG! Hahahah! Super random like hell!
Spend like 3months watching a show with such 'HUH?!?' ending. Hahahah:)
Tmr is super sian. Still need to go work at Bukit Panjang. Whole day. But got money lo! Sian= Money.
And today spend the whole day waiting for furniture to arrive until parent super unhappy.
Mattress supposed to reach between 10am-2pm. In the end until 8PM AT NIGHT then reached my hse. The furniture suppose to reach between 4pm-6pm. In the end 9pm then reach! Hahahah:) My father call and call to rush them! But luckily all delivered today, or else don't have bed to sleep le. Hahahah:)
Anyway, gonna masked my face and have a early night.
Bye people!
gsiang. whatalousyending.

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