Monday, October 05, 2009

I've been neglecting my blog. Hahaha:)

Working recently& watching show after work. So no time to blog and really nothing much to blog abt also.
Today still have some time so shall blog a bit.

Today work morning at Amk. Then after work went to find Vonne & Singyee at TPY at work. Tmr my turn to work TPY agn. Hahahah:)
Today afternoon went to see mattress with parents. My budget was actually like maybe 200$. But the kind of mattress I'm looking for or perhaps is the kind I like is super exp kind. Like can go up to 1000$ for one. Cheapest ones are also like 800plus. So I gave up on the kind I'm looking for. Just go for something which is affordable and yet comfy but not my fav.!
In the end went to 2diff places and finally settle at Courts! Hahahah:) abt 300$ King Koil mattress...... But good thing is I DON'T HAVE TO PAY! Hahahaha:) dad is paying for it! Whoohoo! All thanks to my mum for physco-ing my dad to help me pay for my mattress! And I can add another 200$ to my savings for nx yr BKK trip! Hahahah:)
Thanks my dad for paying my mattress!
Thanks my mum for contributing $240 for my bedroom set!
12 Oct! New wardrobe and bed! The rest of the bedroom set quite useless! Don't really need it! But is super cheap! The whole set only 599$!!! Hahahah:) Just that I now got to think of a way to fit in all my furniture! Sians.....
That's all for today!
Current addiction to show: 家好月圆 & 拜托小姐!!!
拜托小姐 ep14, pls faster come out! Can't wait! & 家好月圆 can't download le! Sians.....
Bye everyone, gonna slp!
gsiang. i'm just a show freak :)

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