Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some photos on pass few days celebrations of Vonne & Singyee's 19th birthday!

Vonne's bday went to Sakura to have dinner. So, here are the photos... Nowdays, we don't really take a lot of photos unless got Singyee's DSLR. That day none of us have a camera. Hahahha:) So all these photos are just from my phone.

My favourite PRAWNS! Now see le, feel like eating agn!

Both are mine as well! Yam Paste and Pulot Hitam! Ate both cos both are as tempting!

Ice cream never missed it also! 3Scoops of icecream with some Rainbow and Choc. toppings!

Most look-forward Desserts! But it just taste that great:( My share plus Jiaqi's!
The durian puff tasted not bad!
Singyee's and Vonne's fav dessert! Guava with orange skin! Refreshing & nice. Present time!
Vonne and Zhiming
The Birthday Girl!

I hope Vonne can stay happy forever! Hahahaha:) Bestie Vonne's 19th bday.
Vonne bday didn't manage to give her a cake! Cos Sakura buffet make us so full liao. So, I make this cake for Vonne and Singyee! Specially for them! WORLD CUTTEST CAKE EVER! Hahahaha:) I didn't really make it myself. But me and Jiaqi went all the way down from Bishan to Jurong Point de The Icing Room, which allows us to decorate the cake! So continue viewing photos.... process of us decorating it!
The super plain cake! Totally clueless of what to do!
Came up with a idea of making a smiley face (a bit lame&crappy)....
Me starting to write on the cake! So scare~~~

Concentrating in drawing some very funny things at the side of the cake!!! AND........
ALL NOT SAME CURL! NVM...... THEN............

But in the end try to clear the mess I made!

Jiaqi's turn to write their names!!!
A bit plain and weird! So further development!!!! Hahahahah:)
Tada! Secret weapon: Gummies from Mini Toons...

Final Product! Cute? Or ugly?!! Hahahaha:)

Me with cake! First try. I guess is not that bad right?!?

That's the end of our cake session! Mission to bring it to Pasir Ris cos all of them are waiting at the bbq pit to celebrate Singyee's bday. And we travel the whole green line from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris, standing..... It's after office hours and the train is all packed. Once reached BBQ pit, gave them the cake and ate the cake! Cos the cake is out of fridge quite long... Since we started doing at 4pm till 5pm. Another hr travelling to Pasir Ris.

Had so much fun last night with them! Just with those close friend! Don't need big groups of people to celebrate! Ate a lot a lot! Drank Smirnoff, new liquor reccomend by Singyee! Card games! Chat! More photos with Singyee. Cos got DSLR!!! Hahaha:) Will upload them if I get them soon!

Singyee, hope you enjoy yesterday's celebration! With our gifts and prank and BET AND PUNISHMENT!!! Hahahaha:) Stay happy always! Keep on laughing:)

That's all for the day. Today just watched show whole day and didn't even packed my room! All my shows are ending le! Sad:( My Korean drama end le, last ep16. Really a nice show! But the ending not very touching! Then Purple Rose tmr last ep le also! Then even Xing Guang Da Dao also last round liao, but I haven't watch! Maybe it is really hinting me, SCHOOL IS REOPENING! TMR really need to tidy liao. Or else new furniture come in no place put le! Hahahah:)

gsiang. iamso inlove withshow!!!

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