Monday, October 19, 2009

Today went to Bugis meet Yvonne, Sujun, Huifen and Rayne.
Supposingly a Farewell Dinner for those who are going China. But Phoebe and Elaine couldn't make it and it seems like just a meetup. And it is a super small gathering of a total of JUST 5ppl.
And it is the last chance to see them before they leave S'pore for 1month! Hahahah:)
But anyway, it was a surprise bday celebration for Yvonne's bday which is in 3days time! So happy birthday in advance! Hope you like the present and the dinner at Seoul Garden with the little pathetic cake that you still dropped! Hahahaha:)
Meet Huifen and Yvonne earlier to go shopped ard Bugis. Bought a new makeup remover from SkinFood. I love SkinFood products! Hahahah:) I think they got nice and good products but expensive! Bought nail polish from FaceShop agn. Hahahah:) Broke le bah. Need save all my money to bank before spending it all!
So after shopped had dinner at Seoul Garden. Eat until quite full! Nice icecream with Brownie! Lovedit!
Tmr gonna be the first day of sch! Sian. Got to have a lot more ppl in class now! Start stressing for studio agn! But somehow also miss the fun we had in class! Miss South Canteen's chicken rice! Hahahah:) I hoped everything will go smooth and get better for my FYP!
Lastly, to those who go China! We will miss you all! Hahahah:) Esp without Yvonne, lesser food in class for me to steal! Hahaha:) You guys pls blogged everything out so that we get updated! And when you all come back! We will go Airport welcome you all back! Hahahah. With HUGE BANNERS! Takecare all!
gsiang. iloveSkinFood:)

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