Friday, October 30, 2009

Designing a Fitness Centre is so damn hard. Just now saw this website showing all the regulations or is like a guide to help in designing a fitness centre. 73pgs of information, I read some only.... and I realise I got so much more to do! I need to be more hardworking and start thinking of design! It's going to be a stressful weekend for me cos I'll be seeing Sean the coming Monday to show him what I've done.
I was searching for unique gym designs. It's really hard to have unique gym design okays! All very typical. But I found one and it gives me hope! Hahahah:) This gym is so nice! I want design something like this also.... maybe do a INSPIRIED ONE!!! hahahah:)

Today in sch was the worse and wasted day! Hahaha:)
When reached sch... chat with Rayne, Kaserin cos there is not much other ppl in class liao! What a sad class.... so little ppl. Then searching for DimSum buffet and then WE HEADED TO CITY HALL TO HAVE DIMSUM BUFFET!!! Super steady ppl! Hahaha:) Super suay cos of the super heavy rain. Luckily Huifen and Chris go buy umbrella. Hahahha:) Ate so much of food! We only ordered like 2times. And the 2times of food filled the whole table! Stacking up..... then slowly clear the food one by one! Har Gao is my fav. The black pepper beef is the nicest I've ever had!
The food not bad but of cos there are better ones but is cheap. Only like 17$. But so sad don't have egg tarts! But overall it's still worth it.
Left sch at 10.30am. Back in sch at 3pm!
Back in sch doing Firmenich proj. Some ppl camwhore time agn..... I just join in for like 3picture!

I think our class damn jialat! Hahahah:)
Me and Rayne are forever talking abt food, esp RAYNE! Polluting everyone's desktop with brownie... Lala... Gonggong... Cakes.... Hahahah:)
Monday we went to eat Subway. Had lunch for abt 2hrs.
Wednesday we went to Hougang eat Western food. Had lunch for abt 2-3hrs.
Today worse.. from 10.30am-3pm! Hahahah:) But the thing is, we stayed in sch still abt 8pm. But doing nothing except for slacking, chatting and envying some rich ppl life and talking abt Halloween, and clubs.
That's all for the day. Gonna change my blog song soon. Hahaha:)
gsiang. ilove DingTang's songs.

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