Friday, September 04, 2009

Some pictures agn. But are random pictures. I'm owing too much photos. But I think I won't post those are in Fb le. A bit lazy. Hahaha:)
Smiley Lotion!
Cupcake by Huifen. This is the cupcake Huifen gave me on my bday. I actually forgot to take the picture of the beautiful cupcake before eating! Too hungry le! So left a bit then rmb! Hahaha:)

Ystd was a mini celebration for Telemarketing Huifen's bday! Hahhahah:) Last wk just met up with them and ystd met up agn. Met up at Jurong Point, super far, super long journey. Had Ben Ten at JP. All the food looks so nice! Hahaha:) But I chose Carbonara which is super normal but just craving for that, then the soup pasta Chris ate was nice also. Shall try that another time. But serving a bit small but anyway ice cream is like a die die must have thing there. Look so delicious! I had green tea ice cream and got red bean and cornflakes somemore! Whoo! Shiok and Full! Ice cream quite cheap also..

Today was such a great day for me!
1)Received news of sch starting on 19 October! Isn't that great? Hahaha:) Got one month holiday and I'm going find jobs to earn more money for future spending! Hahahha.
2)Manager and another colleague went out for meeting! Freedom! Me and Huifen watched the whole Final Destination 3 and the day end le! Hahaha:)
3)Dance Flick tonight! It was so nice! Damn funny show! Hahaha:) Laugh until I cry sia, esp the last part got a bit act like Twilight! Hahahah:) MUMMY LOVES YOU, PUMPKIN! Recommended to go watch!
4)Aston's for dinner. Just a pity that I didn't have their soup! Aston's queue was crazy long tonight. The queue reached the escalator which is so crazy la. It was like double of last time I waited. Waited from like 6.30pm to going 8pm and our movie starts at 8.05pm! Can imagine how long. I so don't want to give on up queuing but I want to watch my movie on time as well!
So we eat after movie and give up the queue after like 1hr45min of queuing. Then go back to eat Aston's after our movie abt 9plus pm. And bcos we were hungry wanted to buy some small food, in the end, 43.50$ SPEND ON CINEMA FOOD! HOTDOG BREAD, DRINKS, POPCORN! ALL FCUKING EX! It is even more expensive than the total amt we had for dinner at Aston's tonight! Stupid choice of buying cinema food!
Tonight is so good! Happy night. Little people meet up but lots of fun still.... People who miss out Dance Flick is such a waste! Hahahah:)
Goodnight ppl, shall upload a bit more pictures over the weekends if possible.
gsiang. andilove DanceFlick&Aston's:)

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