Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kuishinbo tonight!
Crazy tweets on Kuishinbo... counting down! Hahahah:)
Me, Huifen, Rayne & Fify starve for Kuishinbo!
Me & Huifen nv eat lunch.... but ate lots of snacks!
1 whole walnut cake.
2 toblerone
2 choc.
1 pocky, actually got 2. but only eat 1.
& plain water!
Finally it's 7.45pm and we can start eating!
Seriously, I eat like a lot la...
So damn nice. I ate the most among them bah! Hahahaha:)
Now, I'm so damn full! Save me man, gotta get some food digest soon& shit it out!
Pictures with Fify!
Not a lot of photos cos we are busy eating! And we ate LOBSTER! All thanks to AUNTY RAYNE & AUNTY FIFY!!! Hahahah:) DingDong Kuishinbo- Chiong ah..... Hahahahah:)
Shall upload photos soon! That's all for the day.
A very satisfied day with my loved Desserts!
gsiang. Inlove with Crabs& Eclairs!

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