Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's finally the last day of attachment today!
Congrats to myself! And I got back freedom! Whoohoo:)
Took some picture before leaving! Hahaha. Memories........

Me and Huifen working area!

Sample Boards that we did.
& the chair that I'm gonna miss most! Hahaha:)

It was such a normal day for me today even though it was the last day of attachment. I could just went back home after attachment. But I went to find Vonne and Zm at work. Hahaha:) Go chat with them abt BKK trip. Chances are low for us to go...but still hope it is possible. I want to go 'shopping paradise'-BKK!!! But if this time nv go I believe there is always another time.
Vonne, Zm, Singyee & ME are Travel Kaki!!! -quoted by ZM. Hahaha:)
Tmr gonna work just 6hrs with Vonne, but better than nothing. I'm so in need of money. If going BKK, I need so much money....Wardrobe, bed........hai, everything also need money! Fan ah!
& last of all, thanks Vonne for the bag and shoes from BKK. Hahhaha:)
Bye, everyone.
I want to be in Show & Shopping paradise!

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