Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have not been blogging here for awhile cos actually I created Tumblr acc, but now deleted.
I think I'm still use to this blog and I still can't bear to leave my Itouch here! Hahaha:)
Create Twitter acc as well. Follow me at!

Ystd went to eat Aston's agn for lunch and headed to IT Fair with Yvonne, Sujun, Huifen and Chris. Search their stuff & help my bro buy a hardisk. My legs were effing tired! Then went hm after hrs of walk at IT Fair.

It was a horrible sleep last night! Period come, then flood me a red river! Legs were so effing tired that I couldn't even sleep. I sleep then halfway wake up agn all bcos of my legs. And! Worse part...I GOT LEGS MUSCLE CRAMPS FOR 3TIMES THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! Fcuk lo. Then I 10plus am wake up when I actually need to wake up only at 11plus am. And all bcos my pad is full! Damn it lo. Suay like hell! Period, Tired Legs, Muscle Cramps, Pad Full= BAD NIGHT!

Today was a happy day! Vonne and Zm going to BKK. Then we go airport send them off. Like so funny as if they are going for very long, but happy still cos can meet them. Me and Singyee just acc them go Airport. Hahaha. Had lunch at Secret Recipe. A sinful lunch, Grill Chicken with Rice plus WHITE CHOC. MACADEMIA CAKE!!! It's my fav cake! Hahaha:) Totally Awesome!
Walked ard at T3 then send them to T2 and BYE, FRIENDS... Come back after 4days!
Left me and Singyee then walked ard...
Bought Body Shop Pomegrante Body Polish and File Nail Block. Then bought chocolate from The Cocoa Tree. Me and Singyee see see then intially want buy 100g each. In the end the person say 300g free 100g so in the end we total buy 400g of Choc.!!! 12$ choc.! Hahahah:)
Slack at T3 then I took bus hm alone. A long journey of 1hr and 15min! Sleep in bus...
No dinner for me tonight, just some choc. & biscuit! Hahaha:)

Some photos taken today. Hope to get it soon to upload! Hahahah:)
Bye people, wish me to have a good sleep tonight!

gsiang. 6days left, Whoohoo!
Inlove with darkChoc.

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