Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Monday almost can watch FD2. Then last min got work to do! Somemore manager not around! Is a good time to slack!

Today got work to do agn. Everyone around also...can't slack. Wanted to watch a bit of FD2 after lunch break then realised it was linked to FD1. So start downloading FD1. Download finished le now. I shall find time to watch! Pls... Manager and Raymond go out for meeting! Then nobody will care me and Huifen le.
Today also one of our colleague, Grace's bday. Hahaha:) She buy 'Awfully Chocolate' cake for all of us! Super nice. Today is my second time eating A.C Cake. I loved it! Somemore still take 2pieces!!! Hahahah. Super fattening! Shiok! Everytime office got fruit then now still got cake to eat! Whoohoo!

That's all for today! Bye:)
gsiang. i'm in love with Awfully Chocolate.
Totally Awesome!

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