Sunday, August 30, 2009

19th Bday Special

19th Birthday has marked an happy ending to it.
Thanks to all my friends once again for all the gifts and time spend with me for this 19th birthday of mine:)
Thanks all who wished me as well!

Today birthday but no special treatment, still got to work.
But colleagues super good today, say can slack, slowly do. Hahahahah. That was already quite a good gift from them for me bah!
Had Aston's at AMK for lunch with Huifen & Chris. Super full lunch. Satisfied!
Went hm to prepare before meeting my clique of friends.
Went to Orchard Central and there was a event for MJ cos today is his bday as well and he is also burried today. Nothing much to shop there anyway.
Headed to Hereen to shop and had dinner at Thai Express!
Nice beef noodle with iced chocolate!
Headed to collect tickets for movies. Then walked around at Cine just before movie starts.
Gross, overall nice movie. Hahahah:)
Walked around Cine agn & headed hm.

Presents of my 19th bday:
Cute 'Hello Kitty' bday card made by Vonne. Hahahah:)
Thanks Zm for holding it for the whole day!
'Ikea' gift vouchers! $100 for my wardrobe! :)
Expiry date: End of August 2009!!! Cool right? I only left with like 2days to get my wardrobe!
There is a big problem with this voucher! Check it out!
*Singyee, thanks for this very cute & fun voucher! Iloveit! Hahaha:) Had fun with my expression?
Gifts from gfs:
Bling lanyard! Whohoo. Bling is love:) Looks perfect with my lovely E71.
Mitju shoes! Wanted to buy that when I get my this month pay, but thanks! Can save some money for other stuff now.

Thanks for all the presents! I really love all of it.
Cards for memories and best and funniest wishes with spelling error!
"Voucher" (cash) really what I needed to buy my wardrobe and loads of other stuff!
Great dinner & movie treat by my clique which make me feel that I can totally leave my wallet at hm for today.
Bling lanyard which I totally forget abt buying it and it is such a nice acc. for my phone.
Shoes that I wanted but got no money to buy, and I wear it today oh! Hahha:)
Thanks for the Chocolate cake on Thurday night as well with my favourite macaron!
Thanks to Huifen who bought a cupcake from Crystal Jade this morning for my breakfast which is totally unexpected! Hahaha:)
Thanks for the companion of Singyee, Vonne, Zhiming, Jiaqi, Yinghui, Sam & Jonathan for today!
Gonna rest soon! Bye peeps.
gsiang. andilove All gifts, all friends:)

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