Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This few days seems like nothing much to do online also.
Always online shopping but not much money left as well.
But I really wish to get a bag! Maybe tmr go Bugis see see...

Today watched Final Destination 1 although manager and everyone is in office! Cos really like nothing to do. Final Destination 1 not so nice lo... Not so disgusting and story quite fake! Tmr Final Destination 2!
Today got food to eat agn. Grace give us some puff to eat agn! Fat! But whatever... me and Huifen tonight got exercise. Hahaha. But my stomach go crazy agn! Super pain like got one time also like that... Make me can't run longer! Hahahah:)
In office, Ah Ma also show us some funny stuff la... Check it out...
Follow the link... Really funny la. But still thanks Ah Ma for making such funny things! Hahahah:)

Tmr Orh Orh! Orh is waiting for me for so long le! Tmr de Orh Orh sure very nice de! Hahaha.

Everyone is using Twitter and start having Tumblr... I'm thinking if I shld change my blog to Tumblr also. Cos Blogspot always got problems with uploading pictures. But I'm afraid that Tumblr don't have those songs applications. & I'm always so noob at all these. Hahahah:)

That's all for the day.
gsiang. andilove OrhOrh & missing Awfully Chocolate!

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